About us

Tazweed is the arabic root word for the concept of "PROVIDING".

Starting in 2010 we embarked on our journey with full dedication to our essential role of providing and supplying the best and the most effective solutions for Engineering, Manufacturing and Trading of construction services and equipment, and we are proud to be Samsung's authorized distributor and service center in the region.

We take it earnestly to live up to our name and provide our custimers with an outstanding range of HVAC products coupled with comprehensive HVAC solutions that would meet all contractor's needs and standards.

Message From The Company

We consider it our responsibility and duty to provide our customers an excellent of HVAC products together with comprehensive HVAC solutions that would surely match all contractor's needs and standards.


Setting up the standards for HVAC is not an easy feat to do, especially in one of the most competitive markets of the world; UAE; that is both growing and wide-ranging at the same speed.

We at Tazweed have managed to become the benchmark in this domain, and establish an impeccable reputation for our work with global standards applied not only regional but worldwide.

Our Core Value


Tazweed based in the heart of Dubai, steered by the highly acclaimed team of technicians, engineers, sales and support staff is the great partner for any contractor striving to deliver top-notch HVAC systems at the most modern and advanced standards in the world.

Tazweed is also sharply focused on investing in its human assets with continuous training and upgrading programs tailor-made to increase their capabilities and scope of understanding to our domain.


We also do not restrict our excellence to projects delivery only.

We also extend it to a responsive after-sales service that is backed up by enough spare parts storage to keep everything going without any interruption or shipping delay for any of our clients. This is exactly why we are called Tazweed which means literally “providing”.

Tazweed believes that all its stakeholders must be loyal to our core value, which is “Providing” the best services and solutions at the best time and most effective costs. Even our sub-contractor are selected carefully among the best to ensure remaining loyal and honest to our core values.

Our Objectives

Abu Dhabi capital city of Abu Dhabi will be at the center of our growth in the future, followed by the Northern Emirates one by one as we spread our footprint to the whole region.

Tazweed is in relentless pursuit of success and improvement while adhering to the most decent corporate values and ethics the world would demand.

Tazweed will continue to thrive as years pass by and our core concept of “Providing” will enrich the modern business scene in the country.


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