Air Conditioning

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Through innovative, reliable products and services talented people a responsible approach to business and global citizenship and collaboration without partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions.

Engineering & Design

100 years of innovation Conex Bänninger specializes in providing fittings, valves and accessories across the globe by offering innovative and versatile solutions.

Since 1909, Conex Bänninger has produced over 20 billion fittings and valves and has built its reputation for quality European manufacturing, backed by first-class customer service and unrivaled expertise.

Passionate about excellence, Conex Bänninger is a byword for quality in the domestic, commercial, industrial, shipbuilding, air-conditioning, and refrigeration markets worldwide.

Conex Bänninger is an ISO 9001 quality assured company, which assures you the very best in quality.


Thermic LTD was founded in 1977 and since then continuously manufactures solar and electric water heaters.

THERMIC productrs are being sold throughout Greece, in many European countries, in the Middle East, in North and Central Africa, in South America.

Thermic is proud for manufacturing 100% eco-friendly products, 100% recyclable, with a long service life.

THERMIC products are energy-saving, non-polluting using the free inexhaustible energy source: our SUN


Victaulic, the world leader in grooved and plain end mechanical pipe joining systems, was founded in New York City in 1925 to market a radical new concept in the piping industry - a mechanical bolted coupling that would engaged into grooves and feature gasket seal.


We also do not limit our excellence to delivery of the projects only.

We also extend it to a responsive after-sales service that is backed up by enough spare parts storage to keep everything going without interruption or shipping wait-time for any of our client.

Actually this is exactly why we are called Tazweed which means literally “providing”.