website features

B2B Customers can enjoy e-invoicing services. Or
Provide us with your ERP item codes, and you will issue your invoices with your ERP codes.
Quick order
B2B Account Management
You can access your dashboard to manage your subaccounts, order templates, quotes, invoices, returns, credit notes, delivery notes, and order authorizations.
Saveed Lists
Sales Agreements
You can engage in sales agreements to benefit from special pricing and discounts if you agree to buy certain quantities or for a certain period of time.
Product Comparison
It is considerably easier to pick the perfect item using the product comparison feature. In a table, you may compare and evaluate products side by side.
Easy Return Experience
For a completely automated and integrated return experience, choose between invoice-based or invoice-free returns.
Order Managment
Order Templates
Customers can save shopping carts and retrieve them later. A new order can be placed without losing information from the previous one.
Account Managment
Complete Products Spec & Catalogs
Explore the technical specifications of each product and access all documents such as catalogs and IOM manuals.
Shopping cart tool
Smart & Powerful Search Engine
Search by keyword, code, or technical specifications to find exactly what you are looking for using the powerful Lucent search engine.